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Re: Country maps best practise and examples.


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Feb 24, 2020 2:50AM

On 24/02/2020 09:24, Murphy, Sean wrote:
> Patrick,
> Mobile coverage for a specific frequency is the information being shown. At suburb level it might say 3g coverage 90%, at street level it might say 90% 3g cover. More you zoom out the coverage information is similar but at a higher view. Sighted (mouse) users can scroll around at suburb levels to see other streets coverage level all at real time. This currently is shown in colour. I already know there is issues for showing only in colour.

I'd posit that for a screen reader (and probably low vision) user, this
sort of exploratory model will be difficult to navigate, even if the
interface itself was made accessible. It may make more sense to offer a
separate, more targeted interface with a search form and some parameters
(such as the granularity/area) where they can just type in the suburb or
street, and get the information about coverage. If feasible, offer
lower-level/higher granularity options in the results (e.g. if they
chose to get coverage info at suburb level, then list the streets or
whatever in that area).

That'd be my gut feeling on this anyway.

Patrick H. Lauke

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