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Alt Text on Graphic Links


From: Heather Mariger
Date: Apr 27, 2020 3:38PM


I have a technical question that is a bit beyond my ken:

We have a website with several graphics that are also links. I noticed that
the graphics do not have alt text and checked with WAVE to be sure.

When we let the developer know, he responded:

> From what I remember regarding Accessibility rules is that if the image is
> surrounded by a Hyperlink, then technically it's in compliance because the
> link tells them where they are going.
> If the only purpose the image serves is for display then yes an alt tag is
> required.
> So the reason this hadn't been brought up before is because the link had
> been set using CSS background property and the browser never would have
> told them there was an image, because it never saw the tag <img> in the
> html DOM.
I did test the site with NVDA and it does list the link and not the graphic
but I want to make sure that we are promoting compliance and best

So, is the information above correct and if not, do you have any good
suggestions for references for me?


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