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Re: Invisible empty Images in accessible PDF - bug? fix?


From: Philip Kiff
Date: Apr 29, 2020 3:22PM

Third guess or suggestion - Perhaps the "Other elements alt text -
Failed" error relates to incorrectly nested alternative text properties?
I think this error can sometimes appear when a tag (any tag, not just
Figure tags) has alternative text applied to it, but then also contains
other, nested tags...or possibly it occurs when a tag with alternative
text applied is nested within another tag with alternative text?

And in case my earlier note wasn't clear: all of these attempts at PDF
fixes use Acrobat DC Pro, not InDesign.


On 2020-04-29 17:07, Philip Kiff wrote:
> A couple guesses for you to try.
> Have you tried to find the objects in the "Content" panel? If you open
> up the content tree for Page 1, you might be able to find the objects
> by uising your cursor to manually navigate down all the individual
> content items. Warning: if you delete items from the Content panel,
> then they are permanently deleted from the PDF: it isn't like a tag in
> the tag tree which can simply be retagged.
> Second guess, is it possible that you have empty "Figure" tags in the
> "Tags" panel? It can sometimes happen that when you delete or move or
> re-tag an object that an empty tag container gets left behind in the
> Tag tree.  These ghost tags can cause errors in automated checkers
> even when they contain no content.
> Phil.
> Philip Kiff
> D4K Communications
> On 2020-04-29 14:22, Christine Hogenkamp wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am working on an accessible PDF that I am creating from an InDesign
>> file
>> that was given to me to arrange for proper accessible PDF publishing (ie
>> tagging elements, add alt text, etc) and overall the doc passed the
>> Acrobat
>> Full Check except for a few items flagged under "Other elements alt
>> text -
>> Failed" which I am not sure if it's a bug or why I can't seem to get it
>> fixed using the normal Acrobat methods.
>> Acrobat is detecting a handful of empty Images without alt text that
>> come
>> first on a few pages that are not present in the InDesign doc (literally
>> does not show in the Layers panel, no stray text boxes/vector, etc), but
>> also can't be visually seen on the page itself when using the Reading
>> Order
>> panel (the page numbering starts at 2, and 1 is not visible
>> anywhere). When
>> these invisible Images are selected and the right-click option Delete
>> Selected Structure Item is chosen for the Image, nothing happens. They
>> won't let themselves be deleted, which leads me to believe they are a
>> bug
>> of some kind happening when publishing the PDF.
>> Any thoughts or suggestions for a fix?  I am prepared to tell the
>> client to
>> just ignore them, seeing as the Full Check has other items that we know
>> usually get flagged but are correct in the document, and these empty
>> Image
>> elements don't seem to affect screen reader or keyboard navigation,
>> but I'd
>> like to know how to prevent this from happening in the future if
>> possible.
>> Thanks!
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