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Re: Invisible empty Images in accessible PDF - bug? fix?


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Apr 29, 2020 5:04PM

>> Have you tried to find the objects in the "Content" panel? If you open up the content tree for Page 1, you might be able to find the objects by uising your cursor to manually navigate down all the individual content items. Warning: if you delete items from the Content panel, then they are permanently deleted from the PDF: it isn't like a tag in the tag tree which can simply be retagged.

Based on the description of the problem I like this solution.

You can't get an error on content that's no longer present.


>>> Acrobat is detecting a handful of empty Images without alt text that come
>>> first on a few pages that are not present in the InDesign doc (literally
>>> does not show in the Layers panel, no stray text boxes/vector, etc), but
>>> also can't be visually seen on the page itself when using the Reading Order
>>> panel (the page numbering starts at 2, and 1 is not visible anywhere).