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Re: Interesting article of 10 million pages results for a11y


From: Murphy, Sean
Date: May 22, 2020 4:31AM

a friend pointed me to Steve Faulkner blog about this called Bolt-on Accessibility – 5 gears in reverse

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I was about to write pretty much the same. There is also the issue that the report is totally biased towards the sort of issues that their tool can detect. My experience of automated testing tools is that what they report often bears no relation to the user experience because of all the issues they can't detect. Indeed, we are now seeing websites that are coded so badly that automated tools can't find anything wrong with them even though they are completely inaccessible.

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On 22/05/2020 06:20, Murphy, Sean wrote:
> All,
> Be interested in peoples point of view:
> https://accessibe.com/blog/knowledgebase/we-analyzed-10000000-pages-an
> d-heres-where-most-fail-with-ada-and-wcag-21-compliance

Skimmed over the start of this, saw these points about "What is required by WCAG"

1. “NAV” tag or a “role” attribute equal to “navigation/menu/menubar”
(depends on the menu type) must be present on the top element that contains all the links and menu items (role=”navigation/menu/menubar”).
2. “role” attribute equal to “menuitem” must be present on the links that comprise the menu items.
4. Users can navigate across the menu bar itself using the left-and-right keyboard arrows. When reaching the end of the menu, and pressing the forward arrow key, the navigation should loop back to the first item.
5. Users can open dropdowns using the Enter and the arrow-down keys.
Dropdowns should also be opened by focusing on the menu item.
6. Users can navigate within dropdowns using the up-and-down arrows, and the focus must never escape and loop within the dropdown unless it was intentionally closed.
7. Users can close the dropdown using the Esc key [...]

...and I already disagree that these are actual hard requirements.
There's a lot more nuance here than just saying without these, it's a WCAG fail.

So I'd take the results with a pinch of salt, right from the get-go.

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