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Re: Popup menus accessible?


From: Viral.Patel@exim.gov
Date: Sep 25, 2001 3:00PM

Hi Brandi
I have also been working with my company's website and I came across the
same question.
I am not sure I have the answer or not, but let me tell you my views on
According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 on
its clear that the document should be read clearly without style sheets and
scripting (checkpoint 6.1), and if you check a page with Dymanic HTML Menus
(or pop-up menus) in a browser that doesnt support CSS or Scripting, you
will see all the links messed up. So a end user wont be able to see that
without Sctipt Enableing.
You can test in IE or NS, but disableing SCripting from Preferences, IE
shows some better results, but NS completly messes up the page without
You can also test this if you have InFocus 4.0 or later.
This are my views, I would like to hear from others too.
Thank you
Viral Patel

Brandi Hess
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09/25/01 04:22 PM
Please respond to
WebAIM forum

Hello all,
I'm working on a new design for our University Library. They would like
popup menus to appear when the cursor hovers (mouseover) above a link. They
would like the popup to list what type of information can be found by
clicking on that link. Even though the link on the page is part of a
graphic, the popup will be text based.
Is this compliant? Does this meet Priority One?
The Library site is currently working in this manner. The designer who
worked on their site last (which was several years ago) put this
functionality in place. Now that I'm supposed to redesign it, they want the
same functionality added to their new design.
Link to their current site.
Thanks for your help!

Brandi Schwartz Hess
Graphic Designer, Web Services
University of Southern Indiana