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accessibility testing for native apps


From: Julius Charles Serrano
Date: Jun 21, 2020 2:23PM

Hi all.

I hope you all are well. I have a question for our friends who are doing
testing for native apps

What advice or suggestion would you give to a tester who plans to do
mobile accessibility testing for native apps?

Here's where I'm at:

*    has experience in accessibility testing for desktop versions of sites

*    has sufficient knowledge in WCAG 2.1

*    has experience in using VoiceOver screen reader on iOS

I am totally blind and I have an iPhone for my personal use. My
intention is to add mobile accessibility testing (for native apps) to my
skill set.

I read that learning to use VoiceOver and Talkback would be a good
starting point. I'm thinking of spending time learning to use Talkback
on Android. I'm also wondering if learning to use the iPad and an
Android tablet would be helpful.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be truly appreciated.

Cheers everyone!