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Re: accessibility testing for native apps


From: Murphy, Sean
Date: Jun 21, 2020 5:30PM


Tips for native apps:

1. Learn XCode inspect. You can view a lot of information via this tool and do a lot of your test via this method.
2. Use VoiceOver roter options to ensure the developer has placed the correct roles on objects. Such as headings, correct roles for edits, buttons, etc. This concept also applies for Android with TalkBack
3. Use the Android Accessibility Scan tool from the google play store. This tool performs automation test on Android native apps.
4. More challenging, learn the Android development tool. I believe this also has the capability of viewing the accessibility framework (API).
5. Learn in depth how the accessibility API works on the different platforms. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Understanding this will help you greatly.

Finally get this book:

Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps
Building Accessible Apps for iOS and Android
Rob Whitaker

It is a good book to read for mobile accessibility.

Sean Murphy

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Hi all.

I hope you all are well. I have a question for our friends who are doing testing for native apps

What advice or suggestion would you give to a tester who plans to do mobile accessibility testing for native apps?

Here's where I'm at:

* has experience in accessibility testing for desktop versions of sites

* has sufficient knowledge in WCAG 2.1

* has experience in using VoiceOver screen reader on iOS

I am totally blind and I have an iPhone for my personal use. My intention is to add mobile accessibility testing (for native apps) to my skill set.

I read that learning to use VoiceOver and Talkback would be a good starting point. I'm thinking of spending time learning to use Talkback on Android. I'm also wondering if learning to use the iPad and an Android tablet would be helpful.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be truly appreciated.

Cheers everyone!