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Re: Short cut keys


From: Mallory
Date: Jul 19, 2020 9:22AM

I would think manually going into application/focus mode would pretty much do that. That passes all keystrokes to the browser, no?
Which is what happens for a keyboard user by default.


On Sat, Jul 18, 2020, at 4:36 AM, David Engebretson Jr. wrote:
> So, no is the answer. A native screen reader user has to default to screen
> reader fidgeting in order to have an equivalent experience to the keyboard
> only user, right?
> Basically: There is no way to directly emulate the user experience of a
> keyboard only user if you are using a screen reader.
> It's fine... just frustrating sometimes, ya know? Screen readers can add
> complexities into the equation of w3 compliant web access. I haven't found a
> way to check color contrast as efficiently as my sighted peers. I haven't
> found a way to efficiently inspect controls in the multiple browsers I use.
> I can do lots of things efficiently with a screen reader but empathizing
> with folks who have perceptual abilities that require different modes of
> perception are often, simply, frustrating.
> Best,
> David