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Re: WCAG guideline for external stylesheet


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jul 24, 2020 2:56PM

On 24/07/2020 17:13, Mallory wrote:
> There is something I tend to check, however:
> the text-spacing SC is only about how the content doesn't break if a user changes the text-spacing.
> However in practice, on sites where JavaScript injects inline `style` attributes with text-spacing styles (word-spacing, letter-spacing, line-height and bottom margin on paragraphs) dynamically (several jQuery plugins have done this in the past), it doesn't seem possible for users to adjust the text-spacing as needed.
> When I find these inline style="" attributes which specifically affect text-spacing properties, I do make a note of it for the developers.
> In general, injected inline styles may prevent things like user stylesheets or browser plugins to give the desired effect, if the JavaScript on the page is making changes after browser plugins do, for example.

However, the SC itself doesn't mandate that it must be possible (easily
or otherwise) for users to actually change the spacing. Only that if
they *do* manage to do it, things don't break. So yes, as a best
practice, always good to note this sort of thing...but it doesn't affect
pass/fail for the text spacing SC itself.

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