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Re: Question About Alternative Text


From: Mallory
Date: Aug 11, 2020 6:59AM

Those are both good examples of the images being more "content". In Dutch it's called part of the "sfeer" (as in "atmosphere" but I'm not sure the right word in English. The feel?).


On Mon, Aug 10, 2020, at 6:46 PM, Jonathan Avila wrote:
> I saw a site where the image of the product (a smoothie) communicated
> information about the ingredients that were not in the name of the
> product on the same page. While the user could have drilled down into
> subsequent pages to find this information alt text would be really
> invaluable in this situation as a sighted person is instantly cued into
> the smoothie by the ingredients and not just the name.
> I also find sites that intentionally communicate diversity in images to
> encourage a wide group of people to do something such as get a vaccine
> or images that communicate a healthcare professional to lend
> credibility to an article -- these images were chosen on purpose to
> communicate something and thus it can be important to provide alt text.
> Jonathan