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Re: Android date picker: font scaling and screen reader support


From: K Barcham
Date: Aug 17, 2020 3:39PM


We are building a native mobile application, and are having some issues with our native Android date/time picker component.

While the component itself allows scaling for large font, the readability and functionality of the clickable time element (6:10, AM or PM) is now compromised. The large fonts are forcing the ability to select AM or PM off the edge of the screen.

Screenshot below shows time selected is 6:10pm. User is able to change the hour on a 12 hour clock face. Large fonts force the ability to select AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) off the edge of the screen.

The time picker is a native Android component so it would require a lot of customization for layout and font adjustments, and while we can use 3rd party libraries to give more control over the user interface, they do not provide proper screen reader support (where our current native component does).

Are there any native Android date/time pickers that support both screen readers and large fonts?

Or is there a better solution for this scenario?