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Re: Nested data tables


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Oct 20, 2020 3:13PM

On 20/10/2020 21:53, Alan Zaitchik wrote:
> I understand that nesting a data table inside another data table is generally frowned upon, but in some cases it seems to me that nesting a table in another is exactly the best way to communicate the data relationships. I wrote a codepen which illustrates a case I am dealing with:
> https://codepen.io/azaitchik/pen/QJXRQVQ. (The top row nests an inner data table.)
> Voiceover, Jaws, nvda all have no problem with the nested table, and I am wondering if there are guidelines as to when the tables (outer and inner) are "simple enough" that there's no problem with nesting.

Nesting tables is generally not a problem when the data is in fact best
represented as a set of nested tables. What *is* generally frowned upon
is when tables are nested in an illogical/incorrect way, when really it
should be a single complex table or some even more complex structure.

(that codepen link doesn't seem to work btw)

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