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Re: Using Firefox with nvda for accessibility testing needs


From: glen walker
Date: Nov 30, 2020 12:00PM

I used to have to do what Patrick mentioned and start NVDA before Firefox
but for the past several years have not had any trouble with Firefox
running and then starting NVDA. I've been using FF for so long that I have
not had a need to switch to Chrome, but I certainly test there often.

What you might have heard before is testing with NVDA instead of JAWS (if
you had to make a choice between the two). JAWS is much more forgiving
about bad HTML so if you're listening for problems, you might not hear them
with JAWS. For example:


With JAWS (on Chrome), it will say "name, edit, type in text" even though
the label is not programmatically associated with the input. Interestingly
enough, JAWS on Firefox will *not* announce the label. NVDA also does not
announce the label (both FF and Chrome).