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Re: Using Firefox with nvda for accessibility testing needs


From: Mallory
Date: Nov 30, 2020 12:16PM

Same, Firefox no longer sets certain flags when starting up for NVDA (I don't even remember it doing that, but do recall asking Jamie Teh about it). Last I heard, it still does for JAWS, so I start JAWS before starting Firefox (usually means I had it open and have to close and reopen it... ug).


On Mon, Nov 30, 2020, at 8:00 PM, glen walker wrote:
> I used to have to do what Patrick mentioned and start NVDA before Firefox
> but for the past several years have not had any trouble with Firefox
> running and then starting NVDA. I've been using FF for so long that I have
> not had a need to switch to Chrome, but I certainly test there often.
> What you might have heard before is testing with NVDA instead of JAWS (if
> you had to make a choice between the two). JAWS is much more forgiving
> about bad HTML so if you're listening for problems, you might not hear them
> with JAWS. For example:
> <label>name</label>
> <input>
> With JAWS (on Chrome), it will say "name, edit, type in text" even though
> the label is not programmatically associated with the input. Interestingly
> enough, JAWS on Firefox will *not* announce the label. NVDA also does not
> announce the label (both FF and Chrome).
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