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Trouble with Flash and Text replacement


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Apr 16, 2004 1:37PM

Hi there,

I am confused by a problem with flash:

To make sure that people without flash can access the HTML version of
the page, we want to provide some links instead of the flash.

Now, the client does not want to have any HTML text or links outside the
movie, as that ruins the experience. :-(

I tried to do it the w3c way:

as <noembed> is not supported by IE it seems and invalid anyways.

Now, the problem is that IE on Mac and Safari both show the HTML content
and the flash movie, and when I tried hacking it by using absolute
positioning to cover the HTML with the Flash, but the links shone
through and were clickable.

Did anybody here have the same experience and is there a workaround? I
have to fight for every bit of accessibility I can squeeze into the
project and that is a high priority for me.



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