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Unaware of sitemap due to forced focus


From: Barry
Date: Feb 9, 2021 4:19AM

Hi all

I am looking at a Single-Page web application where several journeys can be
undertaken via hitting buttons. Hitting a button forces the focus to the
title of the updated content virtually as if the focus has not moved and the
content was always there for a screen reader. There is a sitemap, but the
focus is always past it so the screen reader user is unaware of its
presence. The alt left cursor does take the screen reader user back,
closing the actioned page update and leaving the focus on the button that
actioned the update. Each use of 'back' takes the user back in the journey
in this way.

My question is, is not being aware of the sitemap an issue? My concern is
that the sitemap has buttons that can take the user back to anywhere in the
journey in one go. My problem is that the current forced focus is very neat
and accessible.

Thanks in anticipation