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Re: transferring screen view under screen magnification in an online conferencing system


From: Steve Green
Date: Apr 20, 2021 11:04AM

ZoomText behaves like you describe, and the only solution is to use a scan converter. We do that when we are working in the lab, but it's not an option for remote testing.

However, Windows Magnifier will show the zoomed-in view to participants. It supports tracking and colour inversion, but it does not have some of the more advanced features that ZoomText has, such as colour substitution options. In practice, that should not be a problem.

Windows Magnifier used to be pretty poor in the old days, but it is a very decent product now, especially considering that it's free. For remote user testing, we have been asking ZoomText users to switch to using Windows Magnifier, and no one has had any difficulty doing so.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

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Subject: [WebAIM] transferring screen view under screen magnification in an online conferencing system

Dear all,

My colleague is working on a research project that explores usability testing with people with disabilities. Currently, she is increasingly exploring the possibilities of remote testing via screen sharing.

Do you have any tips on how to transfer the screen view under screen magnification software in an online conferencing system so that the participants also see the zoomed-in view? In our online conference system Zoom, the person using screen magnifacation software can share the screen, but we can only see the website in a non-magnified state.

Thank you very much for your ideas and suggestions (please only on tools from non-commercial providers).