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Should NVDA announce "table" when it encounters CSS display:table ?


From: glen walker
Date: Apr 20, 2021 2:26PM

I found a page that has a <div style="display:table">. On Chrome, when I
tab to an <input> contained in that <div>, NVDA announces "table" before it
announces the input field. JAWS does not say "table".

If I view the accessibility properties in Chrome, it says the role is
LayoutTable. A LayoutTable is not a real role with regards to ARIA roles.

Even though NVDA says "table", you can't use any table navigation keys.

I find this quite confusing. Should Chrome not be surfacing that this is a
layout table? role="table" isn't specified anywhere. But whether a layout
table is correct or not, JAWS seems to ignore it but NVDA does not.

Firefox does not announce "table" so there's no confusion there.

I took a quick look at NVDA bugs in github but didn't see anything offhand,
but then I didn't look very hard.

This simple example shows the problem. The two button elements are only
there to give me tab stops before and after the input field.

<div style="display:table">