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Re: [EXTERNAL] - Making offline Magazines accessible?


From: Hayman, Douglass
Date: Jul 22, 2021 11:38AM


I've seen a few flavors of these, if we're talking about the same thing and ones I've seen show a two page spread on the screen with controls to zoom in/out or advance pages. They have the ability to save as pdf but the pdfs I've seen are pretty poor in regards to tags.

Case in point:


Picking download it provides an untagged PDF file.

Using Acrobat Pro and running the autotag document the images have no ALT tags so that would need to be manually done.

Some of the tables it got right, others it did weird divisions so one would need to use the table editor to fix those.

Arrowing down the tags tree some parts have logical reading order, others are not and would need to be fixed.

So if their default/only download format is PDF, then they'd need to study up on all that is involved in making an accessible PDF file.

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I've just been asked if I would speak to a publisher about making their offline magazines accessible. I know about document accessibility - but the word ‘magazine' makes me think they will have a level of graphical layout and visual branding that would make them gag if gave them basic document accessibility advice.

Does anyone have experience in this area they can pass on to me? Or can you point me to resources that I can use to read up on it? It would be much appreciated.


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