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Re: Making offline Magazines accessible?


From: Colleen Gratzer
Date: Jul 23, 2021 1:39PM

Hi, Jim.

I would adhere to the contrast guidelines and make sure color isn't
being used to convey meaning.

I would also incorporate good design and usability practices (if not
done already) such as sufficient use of white space, space between
sections (above headings), appropriate typefaces and text size for the

There are steps that could be taken beyond this such as using certain
typefaces and combinations of colors for an audience of people with
dyslexia, for example, and avoiding saturated reds, which can affect
people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Colleen Gratzer, Creative Boost
- Host of the Design Domination podcast
- Mentor to designers
- Accessibility course instructor

On 7/22/21 1:38 PM, Jim Byrne Accessible Web Design wrote:
> No, I mean a paper based magazine. Olde-worlde stuff. :-)
> All the best,
> Jim