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Re: Best Possible Audio Description


From: Peter Shikli
Date: Jul 29, 2021 4:09AM

To answer a few of the questions and comments in the response posts:

1) You need to fit between the pauses in the dialog.
For when that is possible, of course that's what we'll do, but let's not
focus on solving the easy problem since I can assure you that we have
and will encounter the hard problem. Consider only the problem where an
important scene description cannot fit between pauses. Do we cut out
important info and comply to WCAG level AA, which we would, or can we
comply with a link to an mp3 that makes no compromises on giving the
blind a more equivalent (or at least more useful) experience to the
content of the video.

2) What audio player do we use.
None. AblePlayer is the main one with a built-in audio description
track, but why should we force the blind to load a video file at least
ten times as large as the track with the audio description? The blind
already have mp3 players for podcasts and such. Isn't that the best-fit
player for what the blind need in this case?

3) Why not build the video to need less or even no audio description?
Mainly because our service is to make archived videos accessible. The
producers are long gone. For new videos, we certainly encourage baked-in

Peter Shikli
Access2online Inc.