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Re: Drop-down menus using javaScript to navigate and Accessibility Issues


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 1, 2004 11:55AM

> --- WebAIM Discussion List" < <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
>> The initial
> client is very adamant that
>> the "actions", which can be quite a list,
> be drop-down menus (as opposed
>> to buttons or links) - but no GO button.
> Consider dynamically generating the list of items. In the no-script
> portion, provide a link (or generate in the page) the same items in the
> more
> accessible format.
> Of course, should the item list become long (over 20
> items), the drop-down menu will become very difficult to use.

What is the use of a noscript section?

Javascript can be used cleverly enough to remove the go button and add the
onchange event to the select in an onload event. In any case, none of
these solutions fix the borked keyboard navigation.

IMHO accessibility does not mean "make something different for
non-javascript", as that means double maintenance, it means "don't rely on
things that may not be available, AND don't use those things to make it

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