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Re: Drop-down menus using javaScript to navigate and Accessibility Issues


From: Peter-Paul Koch
Date: Jun 2, 2004 8:22AM

>--- WebAIM Discussion List" < <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
> > The initial
>client is very adamant that
> > the "actions", which can be quite a list,
> be drop-down menus (as opposed
> > to buttons or links) - but no GO button.
>Consider dynamically generating the list of items. In the no-script
>portion, provide a link (or generate in the page) the same items in the
>accessible format.

Not necessary. You could do:


Initially this list of links is served and it is completely accessible.

If advanced JavaScript happens to be available, go through the ul, create a
select, add one option for each link, add an event handler that sends the
user to the next page onChange, and destroy the ul.

Result is a perfectly accessible navigation that is maintained at one place
and complies with client specifications.

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