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Re: HTML specs - can I whine for a minute?


From: Peter Weil
Date: Aug 20, 2021 8:00AM

Hear hear to this, Steve! It's a pretty onerous affair to locate the right document in order to track something down. The information is scattered all over the place, and there are multiple versions of each document. It's not at all user-friendly, and it wastes time. I have many of them bookmarked, but inevitably I have to look in at least two or three places before I find what I'm looking for.



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On Aug 19, 2021, 1:39 PM -0500, WebAIM Discussion List < <EMAIL REMOVED> >, wrote:

Let me join you in the whining. All the documentation relating to HTML5, WCAG and ARIA is a complete mess. The ambiguities, contradictions and omissions are bad enough, but there is no discernible information architecture either. It's nigh-on impossible to find out what the latest version of anything is, and in some cases there are multiple similar, but different, versions of documents, sometimes with the same version number. Some are in GitHub, which I am told take precedence over those on the W3C website, which is entirely non-intuitive.

Sometimes you just have to know that documents exist, because they don't seem to be discoverable.

Perhaps it all makes sense to the people who create and maintain the documentation, but makes no sense to some of us who dip in and out periodically.