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Re: Landmarks on Mobile web


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Aug 25, 2021 6:10AM

Generally, I have found that landmarks on mobile add verbosity with
very little benefit.
The page header in responsive view is typically collapsed into a
hambruger menu, maybe a logo, so the header only has two pieces of
The footer is often removed altogether, or equally collapsed into a
skinny representation hidden behind collapsable menus
It mostly leaves the main content, so it doesn't have to be marked as
the main landmark.
Last time I tested I found that support for role="group" was better
than role="navigation", specifically on Voiceover, so I had developers
change the roles of navigation menus when in responsive view.
I had them drop other landmark roles when transitioning to responsive.

This doesn't exactly answer the question *grin* but offers up one
solution, just to drop the landmark roles in responsive view, at least
banner/main/contentinfo, or alterantively not worry about how well
they are supported because they have a lot less importance on the
mobile device screen.

On 8/25/21, Sudheer Babu < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi All,
> Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!
> Can someone please point me to the support of landmarks across screen
> readers,
> especially for Mobile screen readers like Talkback and VoiceOver on the
> Mobile web? Will the same markup as on desktop web would work with Mobile
> screen readers?
> I am seeing that sub-links under footer landmarks are also being announced
> as article landmarks using mobile screen readers which actually are not
> marked up as landmarks. Is this correct behavior?
> Thanks,
> Sudheer
> > > > >

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