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query on the alternative map widget


From: suman damera
Date: Aug 25, 2021 7:43AM

hi all,
I have a query on the map widget. Here is the explanation
we have a search results page with the facets(such as country, state, city,
category, and so on..) in the left side and map widget in the right side.
whatever we have in the facets, same present in the map as well. for
example; we have india country checkbox in the facet and when user selects
India and corresponding states jobs list would be updated in the left side
facets itself and so on.. same representation is present in the map as well
like when user selects india pin point then corresponding states jobs list
are shown as pins and so on.. to put simpler, whatever is there on the map,
we have same in the facets and vice-versa. in this case, can we hide map
completely from the accessibility? or is there anything I am missing here?

Thank you.