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User Research around the accessibility of components?


From: Alex Gonzalez
Date: Aug 27, 2021 12:16PM


I just discovered this list and am sending a question for the first time so
please forgive any lapses in list etiquette.

I'm hoping to find resources that provide user research-backed information
about the accessibility of different web / UI / HTML components.

Some examples of what I mean by this can be found on gov.uk:

Here they discuss HTML text inputs and more specifically avoiding use of
type="number". They further mention research on the subject at the bottom
of the page

On this page discussing HTML select inputs, they link to a panel discussion
on the accessibility issues surrounding said inputs

I'm curious if anyone knows of other resources that provide user research
backed information like this? I'm trying to put together a list of
resources to inform decisions around internal design systems we use where I

Alex Gonzalez (he/him) Software Engineer codeforamerica.org