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Re: [EXT] does every one else ind tables are problimatic with your clients


From: glen walker
Date: Sep 23, 2021 11:44AM

> One reason I can see contributing to this is automated accessibility
> checkers tend to only check tables for column headers

That's probably a good observation and is exactly why we shouldn't rely on
scanning tools to find accessibility issues. They might be a good place to
*start* if you're new to testing for accessibility but should not be relied
on to find all problems. If you visually see a table on the page and the
scanning tool doesn't flag it as a problem, that doesn't mean the table
doesn't have a problem. You have to get your hands dirty and look at the
html code behind the scenes.

> And depending on the table, whether row headers should or should not
> be used can be a judgement call based on the content.

Theoretically, it might be a judgement call, but I rarely find a table
where row headers are not helpful (other than maybe a small 2-row 2-column
table). There is usually one cell (column) in the table that can be used
to identify the row and is a good candidate to be the row header.