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Browser extension SkipTo Landmarks & Headings version 2.1 is now available


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Oct 5, 2021 7:58AM

The SkipTo Landmarks & Headings browser extension implements a
long-standing accessibility requirement for browsers, "2.5.1 Provide
Structural Navigation"
<https://www.w3.org/TR/2015/NOTE-UAAG20-Reference-20151215/#sc_251>, that
has been missing for many years. It does this by providing keyboard
navigation to landmarks and headings on any web page.

SkipTo Landmarks & Headings also gives keyboard-only users a powerful
alternative to the simple "Skip To Main" link often used to implement
the "Bypass
Blocks of Content" <https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/#bypass-blocks> requirement
of WCAG.

The SkipTo menu provides a high-level outline of the landmarks and headings
on the page, useful to all users for quickly scanning the content on the
page, including users of screen readers, and then navigating to the desired
landmark or heading. For web developers and accessibility testers, it also
provides a convenient way to view the current landmarks and headings
structure on a page.

Based on user feedback, version 2.1 now includes ‘contentinfo' and
‘complementary' landmarks by default, and an options setting for choosing
whether to include ‘complementary' landmarks. More information, including
documentation of all SkipTo extension keyboard shortcuts, can be found at

Chrome Extension URL:

Firefox Extension URL:

Shortcut keys to open the SkipTo menu:

- Windows/Linux: Alt+2
- macOS: Option+2

Please share this extension with people you think might benefit from
keyboard access to landmarks and headings.

Your feedback on the extension is important to us. Please send email
comments to Jon Gunderson < <EMAIL REMOVED> >.

If you find the extension useful, we encourage you to consider giving it a
rating and a review.

The SkipTo extension was developed at the University of Illinois as part of
the activities of the DRES Accessible IT Group

NOTE: The SkipTo extension is an open source project and is free for anyone
to share or use. The source code can be found on GitHub at