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Testing mobile Apps on PC


From: wolfgang.berndorfer@zweiterblick.at
Date: Oct 6, 2021 9:57AM

I as a visual impaired person consider testing mobile apps accessibility
complementary on my Windows monitor and keyboard.

Potential Benefits:

a) I could visually inspect the design with ZoomText.

b) I could even inspect functionalities on my desktop-PC with JAWS, if there
was any support for that.

Some apps for synchronization I found by a web search:

- LetsView

- ApowerMirror

- 5K Player

Before I start to test these apps, here are my questions:

1. Are there any general concerns about this approach?

2. Has anybody already experience with one of the mentioned tolls?

3. Has anyone better ideas for testing mobile apps with visual impairment?

Thanks for input!