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Re: Star ratings


From: glen walker
Date: Oct 26, 2021 1:31PM

> whether the selected/filled in stars contrast enough with the
> non-selected/empty ones is more a 1.4.1 Use of Color issue (see latest
> update coming in the understanding doc for WCAG 2.2 which bubbles up the
> "if it's below a 3:1 difference, it counts as color alone)

Yeah, I was just addressing the 1.4.11 aspect.

1.4.1 is a tricky can of worms. You can get weird situations such as G183
that says color alone is actually ok as long as the colors have sufficient
contrast *and* there's another visual clue upon hover or focus.

Lots of elements use color alone to display a different state. A radio
button might be empty or filled depending on its selection. That's color.
Many navigation menus display the currently selected menu with a different
background color. That's color. Sure, they can have aria-selected or
aria-current or similar, but aria only helps assistive technology. It
doesn't help me see a color better.

But as I said earlier, I think differentiating states is a good thing.
It's just that 1.4.11 doesn't require it.