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Re: [EXT] WebAIM Screen reader user survey #9 result 2021


From: Jared Smith
Date: Oct 27, 2021 9:12AM

> Why people are moving to NVDA with Chrome from NVDA with Firefox?

We didn't ask specifically about their motivations for changing, but in the free-form "Comments" field of the survey several indicated their switch was due to lack of compatibility with certain browsers, software, or web site and speech synthesizers that are not comparable to JAWS or VoiceOver.

> JAWS with chrome or JAWS with Edge , which is the best tool combination to test with ?

JAWS with Chrome was reported as being used by nearly twice as many respondents as JAWS with Edge. Unless you're dealing with very complex content or finding inconsistencies across platforms, don't get too hung up on testing on every possible or common combination.

> Do we need to completely stop testing in IE browser as the percentage came down to 3.3% from 10.9%?

I think this question is best answered by analyzing your own audience. I do think IE needs to die a fiery and permanent death, but if it's reasonable to ensure things don't totally fail in IE, then do so.

> when it comes to mobile, the VoiceOver usage percentage is increasing year by year and now it became 71.5% VoiceOver users and 29.1%
TalkBack users. Is it because more than the half of the respondents are from North America?

Use of VoiceOver as the primary mobile screen reader was higher for respondents from North America (77.4%) than outside North America (58.2%). While the majority of respondents were from North America, the most recent survey had the highest number or respondents yet from outside North America.

Jared Smith