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Re: [EXT] WebAIM Screen reader user survey #9 result 2021


From: Sumit Patel
Date: Oct 27, 2021 12:09PM

Thank you for the replies.

Do we have any industry standard browser screen reader combinations
which you would think better ?
If I am not wrong, most of the companies were preferring JAWS with IE
and NVDA with Firefox .
But, the survey result clearly indicate the change in the recent times.
As you mentioned, we wouldn't be able to test with all the possible
tool combinations
I could see in internet still many institutions and banks are
continuing with IE browser as it is not so easy for them to switch.

On 27/10/2021, Jared Smith < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Why people are moving to NVDA with Chrome from NVDA with Firefox?
> We didn't ask specifically about their motivations for changing, but in the
> free-form "Comments" field of the survey several indicated their switch was
> due to lack of compatibility with certain browsers, software, or web site
> and speech synthesizers that are not comparable to JAWS or VoiceOver.
> JAWS with chrome or JAWS with Edge , which is the best tool
> combination to test with ?
> JAWS with Chrome was reported as being used by nearly twice as many
> respondents as JAWS with Edge. Unless you're dealing with very complex
> content or finding inconsistencies across platforms, don't get too hung up
> on testing on every possible or common combination.
> Do we need to completely stop testing in IE browser as the percentage
> came down to 3.3% from 10.9%?
> I think this question is best answered by analyzing your own audience. I do
> think IE needs to die a fiery and permanent death, but if it's reasonable to
> ensure things don't totally fail in IE, then do so.
> when it comes to mobile, the VoiceOver usage percentage is increasing
> year by year and now it became 71.5% VoiceOver users and 29.1%
> TalkBack users. Is it because more than the half of the respondents
> are from North America?
> Use of VoiceOver as the primary mobile screen reader was higher for
> respondents from North America (77.4%) than outside North America (58.2%).
> While the majority of respondents were from North America, the most recent
> survey had the highest number or respondents yet from outside North America.
> Jared Smith
> WebAIM
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