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Re: [EXT] WebAIM Screen reader user survey #9 result 2021


From: Jared Smith
Date: Oct 27, 2021 1:41PM

> Do we have any industry standard browser screen reader combinations which you would think better ?

You'll not find any widely accepted industry "standards" for such things. The need for testing across combinations increases with the complexity and accessibility variability of the content. For very basic web content you might just test in one and find that entirely sufficient. For a bit more complex content and basic ARIA, you might use JAWS with Chrome, NVDA with Firefox, and VoiceOver with Safari to cover the major screen readers, browsers, and platforms. For very complex content or where discrepancies are found with the previous combinations, then you might test on additional platforms and combinations.

Defining a set list of browser / screen reader combinations to always test with will generally be either entirely overkill and a waste of effort, or it will be insufficient and too limiting.

> If I am not wrong, most of the companies were preferring JAWS with IE and NVDA with Firefox.

I've not seen JAWS with IE broadly recommended for quite some time, except in limited cases where IE is required or highly used browser.

> I could see in internet still many institutions and banks are continuing with IE browser as it is not so easy for them to switch.

Yes, but by choosing to require IE they are also choosing to severely limit accessibility support for those users. At some point the web and accessibility have to move beyond 2013.