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Re: Hiding a link from visual browsers only


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 10, 2004 12:33AM

> Hey WebAIM list,
> I have a "skip nav" link that I want to hide from visual browsers. Will
>the following rule still result in the link being read aloud by screen
> a#skipnav {
> display: block; position: absolute;
> left: -999px; top: -999px;
> }
Yes it does, however left is enough.

glenda wrote:

question: by making the sip nav invisible, how would that affect users using
the keyboard to navigate a page? Just curious.

It does affect them insofar as they will not see it or be able to reach it. That's why the aforementioned Joe Clark actually advocates _against_ hiding skip links. Skip links only are necessary when the flow of content is amiss, if you have your navigation _after_ the main content in the page source and you use CSS to position it visually before it, you don't need them. You can use a hover style or an active style to show the link when it is active, but that is IMHO a bit dodgy.