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colour combinations that work for light sensitive users


From: Sandy Feldman
Date: Nov 30, 2021 9:55AM


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<p>hey all,</p>
<p>Does anyone know a reliable resource to look up colour
combinations that work for light sensitive users?</p>
<p>I am working on a WordPress theme that includes a palette
switcher that the user choose between a dark and light version. <br>
<p>I've got a combination of <a moz-do-not-send="true"
href="https://colorable.jxnblk.com/000000/a2cf61">green #a2cf61
and black</a>  that I think works for both the dark and light
variation. The green is the company's brand colour, and it's AAA
with black. Is there some kind of utility I can use to check this?
At the very minimum I would like to be sure no one finds the theme
physically painful.</p>
<p>I would like to know about highlight colours too. Say links on
hover and focus - can I use a white background and black text, or
is that too much? Is there a guideline for how big? Say a white
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