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Re: colour combinations that work for light sensitive users


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Nov 30, 2021 12:55PM


There is some discussion and tentative work on this contrast task force page at the W3C. Work is being done to consider what maximum contrast might be and also what combinations are worse with dark backgrounds – for example, full white on a full black background would be problematic for most people.



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Subject: [WebAIM] colour combinations that work for light sensitive users

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hey all,

Does anyone know a reliable resource to look up colour combinations that work for light sensitive users?

I am working on a WordPress theme that includes a palette switcher that the user choose between a dark and light version.

I've got a combination of green #a2cf61 and black<https://colorable.jxnblk.com/000000/a2cf61> that I think works for both the dark and light variation. The green is the company's brand colour, and it's AAA with black. Is there some kind of utility I can use to check this? At the very minimum I would like to be sure no one finds the theme physically painful.

I would like to know about highlight colours too. Say links on hover and focus - can I use a white background and black text, or is that too much? Is there a guideline for how big? Say a white outline?