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Re: ALL CAPS- Recomendation


From: Paul Rayius
Date: Jan 21, 2022 2:25PM

Hi Radhika,
Another thing to consider about text in all capital letters, beyond just "how a screen reader will handle it" is that some people who have dyslexia will have a harder time reading blocks of text that's in all caps.
I hope this helps,

Paul Rayius
Vice-President of Training

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Subject: [WebAIM] ALL CAPS- Recomendation

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to know if it is ok to use ALL CAPS for some of the content while designing the website. I know, it is not a good practice to use ALL CAPS , as it can cause readability issues.

As I have seen that NVDA and VO do read all caps as words instead of letters, even when they are not *CSS* styled using *text-transform:*

But not sure if all the screen readers read capital letters as words or not?

Looking forward to hearing from you about your thoughts if any screen reader would cause any issue.