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accessible calendar controls


From: jeffgutsell@fuse.net
Date: Jan 25, 2022 1:14PM

I am looking for your feedback on distinguishing active and inactive days in a calendar widget.
I recently used walgreens.com to schedule a covid-19 test for someone. I was thrilled that most of the process was very accessible. The one widget that caused me some initial confusion was the calendar control.
The widget indicated the days when tests are available at my selected store by putting a link on the day. Days that were not providing tests just showed that number with no link I tried several times to pick a Friday test date before I noticed that day had no link.
I am presuming that using "aria-disabled" would be the way to distinguish the available days.

Meanwhile, I think I recall a discussion of calendar controls a few years ago but failed to find that in the archives just now.

Jeff Gutsell