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Jira Cloud and blind users


From: Michael H
Date: Jan 31, 2022 12:38PM


I was curious if anyone has any tips on how to best use Jira Cloud as a
blind user?

I'm assuming the kanban boards are not accessible, but I'm curious if
anyone has found alternative views and workflows that would allow a blind
person to productively use the software?

I learned that a user can create tickets and add comments via email:


Nice. But maybe not great?

Are there any 1st or 3rd party apps that streamline/improve the interface?

Their a11y page makes it sound like they are striving to be accessible:


I emailed them two months ago ( <EMAIL REMOVED> ) asking for advice, but
haven't heard back.

I have yet to read the VPAT. :(

Mostly curious to hear if others have been able to find ways to make this
software a usable and productive tool for themselves and/or their visually
impared colleagues.