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Re: Question: Accessibility of an Irregular Table


From: julian.rickards@ndm.gov.on.ca
Date: Jun 21, 2004 1:36PM

I am having trouble visualizing this - can you provide a sample, even a fake


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Situation: A certain table logically contains about 30 rows of data. Each
row contains only two columns: a "Unit Number" heading and "Cases Pending"
value. In order to shorten the long, narrow visual display, the developer
coded the table as five sets of "Unit Number" and "Cases Pending" columns,
so that all of the data displayed in 6 concise rows.

Question: Can such a table be tagged so that even though each row contains
multiple "Unit Number" headings and "Cases Pending" value columns, the
appropriate "Unit Number" still reads with each "Cases Pending" value? Or,
must the table be set up logically in order for it to be made accessible?