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Re: - group start and group end


From: Hayman, Douglass
Date: Feb 9, 2022 3:32PM


It looks like that is JAWS way of indicating when you enter and exit a fieldset. Tried it first with NVDA and wasn't getting where it was you were running into this.

On looking at the same page with JAWS, finally saw what you were talking about.

If you go to this page with JAWS and go to say, the Checkboxes area that also uses a fieldset (as a best practice) it too announces that start and stop.


So I wouldn't be bothered/alarmed by those being announced as it appears to be what JAWS does to help out.

Guessing that if you used JAWS and looked at a properly marked up order form that had separate Shipping Address and Billing Address that those too would use field sets and help you to know that you were entering in the correct areas if shipping and billing addresses varied.

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We're creating a fund-raising page for folks to contribute and with Jaws 2022, each new funding opportunity begins with the words "group start" and then the text one line below it, and finishes with "group end."

What are group start and group end and how to I get Jaws to stop speaking them?

Here's the site.


The page isn't live so you can't donate.

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