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From: Christine Hogenkamp
Date: Feb 22, 2022 9:15AM

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reminder! That's definitely true that tab vs arrow or even
just arrow direction makes a difference in what the screen reader
announces. I will definitely include a disclaimer in my training doc to
remind testers that element announcements can be changed depending on
location and relationship to other elements on the page.
In my ideal world, somewhere there would be a master list of different
common elements and combinations of elements that a tester can move through
in various ways to hear how they are announced, to help tune their ear and
give them at least a starting point for figuring out if the element is
being announced properly. If I don't find such a list existing, I may try
to create a doc! I was just hoping someone might have thought of it before
me to help give me a headstart ha ha

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> Subject: Re: [WebAIM] [EXTERNAL] List of default screen reader
> announcements of various tagged elements?
> Hi Christine,
> I don't know of such a list but you would have to be careful with giving
> the wrong expectations because the way a screen reader reads something
> often depends on how you got to it, the context it is in, and whether the
> screen reader has read it previously. I've not done any systematic testing
> of this with any screen readers but my experience is that:
> - If you Tab to an element a screen reader may announce it differently
> from if you arrow to it.
> - If you read an element, move somewhere else, then return to the element,
> it will often read it differently the second time.
> - If you Tab to an element that is within some kinds of containers, such
> as regions or lists, the screen reader may announce the name and role of
> the container along with the element.
> - Within a container such as a list or a fieldset, the first element may
> be read differently from the other elements.
> There may also be other reasons why the experience may vary and screen
> readers sometimes just seem to be having a 'bad day' where they don't read
> things the way they normally do!
> Mark