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Caption remapped to P in Adobe acrobat Pro library 22


From: Elizabeth Thomas
Date: Mar 22, 2022 10:31AM

First, yay for the fixes in library 22 of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Second, I have noticed a new issue with Adobe's PDF maker. For table captions added in Word, the caption tag seems to follow into the PDF, but for some reason the role is remapped to a <P>.
This is better than how it used to work, with all captions exported as <P>, because at least I can fix the issue by deleting that role map in the PDF. But it seems like weird behavior; why remap a caption to a P tag?
Has anyone else noticed this? It does the same thing with figure captions. When you export from Word using Adobe's PDFMaker, it automatically remaps <Caption> to <P>.

-Elizabeth Thomas
New Jersey Department of Education

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