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Re: Progress? was: DOJ issues web accessibility guidance


From: Jeff Kline
Date: Mar 22, 2022 6:13PM

Well, progress is always being made, but the pace remains slow, especially =
considering how long ICT accessibility has been around (US Section 508 was =
passed into rule with an effective date in the year 2000.

It=92s important to keep in mind that the ADA is a regulation and not a fed=
eral agency, but the DoJ and DoL are probably the entities mostly associate=
d with enforcement.

With regard to education, agencies such as the US General Services Administ=
ration (GSA) and the US Access Board(creators of US Section 508) provide we=
binars and online training sessions from time to time on various digital ac=
cessibility (perhaps more so for federal employees as I have seen in the pa=
st), but most of the training that is available comes from various NGOs and=
the accessibility focused private sector entities=85some free and some for=
fee. Accessibility conferences such as CSUN, M-enabling, and AccessU also =
provide good opportunities for learning and training on a wide variety of d=
igital accessibility topics.

Certainly, codifying digital accessibility standards (and policy requiremen=
ts) into the ADA and beyond Section 508 (which is a federal procurement reg=
ulation where compliance is required but not all that well enforced) would =
make a HUGE difference and is what we in the US are hoping will happen some=
day. If and when that happens, it should drive lots more training across th=
e board.


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