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Re: Progress? was: DOJ issues web accessibility guidance


From: David Engebretson Jr.
Date: Mar 22, 2022 6:39PM

So you are saying, "Yes" change is slow. I agree.

Is this announcement progress in your opinion?


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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Progress? was: DOJ issues web accessibility guidance

Well, progress is always being made, but the pace remains slow, especially
considering how long ICT accessibility has been around (US Section 508 was
passed into rule with an effective date in the year 2000.

It's important to keep in mind that the ADA is a regulation and not a
federal agency, but the DoJ and DoL are probably the entities mostly
associated with enforcement.

With regard to education, agencies such as the US General Services
Administration (GSA) and the US Access Board(creators of US Section 508)
provide webinars and online training sessions from time to time on various
digital accessibility (perhaps more so for federal employees as I have seen
in the past), but most of the training that is available comes from various
NGOs and the accessibility focused private sector entities.some free and
some for fee. Accessibility conferences such as CSUN, M-enabling, and
AccessU also provide good opportunities for learning and training on a wide
variety of digital accessibility topics.

Certainly, codifying digital accessibility standards (and policy
requirements) into the ADA and beyond Section 508 (which is a federal
procurement regulation where compliance is required but not all that well
enforced) would make a HUGE difference and is what we in the US are hoping
will happen someday. If and when that happens, it should drive lots more
training across the board.


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Subject: [WebAIM] Progress? was: DOJ issues web accessibility guidance I
wonder: Has anyone ever seen the DOJ and the ADA collaborate to provide
educational guidance for web accessibility in the past?

I'm not a historian and I've only been working in the field of web
accessibility for 5 years. I've struggled with web accessibility for 25
years but I think that my personal experience isn't important. What's
important to me is that some kind of progress is being made.

To me this seems like big progress. Am I mistaken?

I appreciate all feedback,