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Re: Keyboard /Screen reader accessible - Signature facility for Online forms :


From: glen walker
Date: Mar 22, 2022 3:39PM

I'm not sure who defines what a "valid" signature is from a legal

I came across this example not too long ago when I had to electronically
sign a document. They had two options for signing. One was dragging the
mouse to create a signature. I'm not sure anyone likes that option because
it's next to impossible to have a mouse drawn signature look like a pen
signed signature. The other option was typing a name. The two options
were on separate tabs of a tab panel and the tab panel was surprisingly
coded correctly according to

Here are two screenshots. (I *think* the screenshots will come through the
forum but they might not be saved in the archives if you read this message

The first shows the first tab panel selected, named "Draw Signature". It
took a long time for me to make something legible. They have a "clear"
button to erase the signature and try again, presumably because most people
don't like their mouse signature.

[image: alternate signature method - draw.jpg]

The second image shows the second tab panel selected, named "Create
Signature from Typed Name". Honestly, I don't know why you'd even want the
drawn signature option but perhaps some people like to sign with a mouse
(or electronic pen) so it's fair to keep it. I would have made the typed
name option the default. I'm not sure why the input field for typing the
name shows up "outside" the tab panel. It's a little confusing for the
draw signature option that the input field is displayed but not applicable.