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Re: WebAIM Discussion List Digest 25.06.2004.


From: Chris Price
Date: Jun 28, 2004 6:40PM


Providing access keys is not a straightforward accessibility issue.

For one, there is some debate as to whether they are useful or not.

Not all browsers support them and the use of letters can be problematic.
Also, in your guide to access keys your instruction is to press alt+ whereas
on the Mac you press control+.

Is the link in the top left a permanent fixture? If so, its a bit too
prominent. After all, your site is about a community not web accessibility.
Likewise, the heading Navigation makes the page a little mechanic. Why are
NEWS and EVENTS navigation when HOME and LEISURE aren't.

Talking of headings, you haven't got any on the home page. That's an
important accessibility issue as it gives the page structure.

The titles on your 2 topic links are wasting my time telling me something
that's totally obvious. If you want to tell your visitor they're links you
could just underline them.

As well as accessibility, have you considered usability issues such as: when
your in Leisure, the LEISURE button's behaviour changes. Once I'm in
Leisure, there are no clues as to where I am.

Jakob Neilsen's alertbox is excellent for tips on usability.
I found
fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4000092&chk=XHiT3L worth looking at re: access keys and
accessibility in general.

If you're serious about XHTML you might want to try building to XHTML strict
if only because it makes you disciplined in your coding.

Good look with the site, its got a good feel about it.

Chris Price
Choctaw Media Ltd

On 28/6/04 11:35 pm, "paul.creedy" wrote:

> I've just started my first attempt at CSS layout with XHTML. I've also tried
> to add accesskeys to the common menu items.
> It was hard going at first and XHTML gave me loads of errors which I think
> I've now identified. Next I want to improve accessibility.
> I'd welcome any suggestions on improving it's accessibility.
> The site is here at the moment: http://d476047.r39.rcthosting.com/
> Paul Creedy