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Re: How to share ALT text with a file


From: chagnon@pubcom.com
Date: Apr 29, 2022 12:47PM

XMP metadata can store Alt Text and other information. Usually the XMP
Description field is used for Alt Text, but that's not carved in stone

You do need a program that allows the user to access the file's metadata to
write the Alt Text (example, Adobe Bridge software that comes with their
Creative Suite subscription), and on the back end, you need the destination
program that will pull the XMP Alt Text into the file (example, Adobe

-Bevi Chagnon
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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] How to share ALT text with a file

I'm using Windows 11 and don't see anything that lets me add alt text to
images in the Properties dialog. This would save me a lot of time for images
I use over and over again. Those of us in the accessibility space have been
asking for this capability for years.

Cheers, Karen

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Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2022 10:53 PM
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Subject: [WebAIM] How to share ALT text with a file

I've had a couple of clients recently enquiring as to how to both send an
image file with alt text embedded and how to automatically extract it into
the web page/document it's used on.

Best I've managed is to embed it in the file properties by right clicking in
windows/using tools in MAC Preview and adding to the Title and description
fields. (These are under IPTC tab in MAC)

Is there a product that will do this and am I missing something blindingly

Thanks in advance

Kevin Prince

Kevin Prince
Product Accessibility & Usability Consultant
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